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Provari Versus Provari Mini

The e-cigarette business is booming: many smokers are now turning to these in order to get their fix while lessening the amount of harmful smoke they ingest. It’s a way of lessening the harmful effects being dealt to their body, particularly their lungs.

One e-cigarette brand is Provari, which has recently come out with a smaller version of its existing e-cigarette: introducing the Provari mini. While it looks as though size is the only different, is it really? What is the real difference between the Provari versus the Provari Mini?

The difference: more than just the size

The main difference of the two is, of course, the size. Many customers find the Provari mini to fit more comfortably and ergonomically in the hand compared to the standard Provari.

However, the battery life is expectedly shorter in the Provari mini compared to the Provari, so it may be good to bring extra batteries if you bring the Provari mini around.

Also, some people take to the standard since they end up adding an extension for the battery to the mini since it does not last them the whole day, thus negating the shortening of the shell. The mini also comes in lesser colours compared to the standard one.

They do have many similarities though. Aside from having very similar costs and free shipping to the United States, they practically are able to give the same experience and the same features, except in a body that is an inch shorter.

If you are the type who uses the e-cigarette a lot, it may be good to stick to the standard. If you do not need the long battery life, then taking a mini may also be good because of the improved design.

These are the two main things you need to consider when choosing between the two. You need not worry that one performs better than the other or gives a better hit than the other – they both still give the same Provari experience.

Online reviews point to their similarities and good characteristics—both are durable, of quality, and really satisfy the customers. As such, it is really more of preference and the need of the customer, rather than the specs of the Provari versus Provari mini.

They will still give you that awesome vapour experience that you have come to expect from the Provari line of e-cigarettes. While they may still be on the higher part of the price range for e-cigarettes, you can definitely be assured that the Provari line of e-cigarettes give a really great vapour experience, both in terms of quality and quantity, compared to its competitors.

Certainly worth every penny you shelled out for it!

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