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A lot of people find it almost impossible to quit smoking. Here’s the good news, you can opt for a healthier alternative without diminishing any of the pleasure it holds for you. Introducing Provape 1, an e-cigarette that allows you to smoke to your heart’s content without having to inject as much toxins into your body.

Let’s Compare: Provape 1 vs. Normal Cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes have been known to cause various diseases such as cancer. Some of the toxins it contains are as follows: naphthylamine and pyrene which are known as carcinogens; as well as loads of other harmful chemicals like DDT, arsenic, methanol, acetone, and carbon monoxide.

Provape 1 contains the following main ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavouring. The vapour that the user inhales is undoubtedly a lot safer than the air you inhale from traditional cigarettes.

When the vapour in your e-cigar runs out, you simply have to purchase a refill in order to be able to continue smoking. This saves you the hassle of having to purchase and repurchase packs of cigarettes, and saves the environment from extra air pollution as well as from the solid waste caused by unwanted cigarette butts that are thrown away at random.

Provape 1 vs. Other E-Cigarettes

How does Provape fare in comparison with other cigarettes? Provape has various designs and formats to choose from – making it able to address your need and your particular whim.

Provape 1 in particular is bigger than other e-cigarettes present in the market. This means two things: first, the battery it holds is larger, and this allows you to enjoy your cigarette for a longer period of time. In fact, a single battery can last you for as long as ten hours.

In addition, the vapour being emitted by this cigarette is more in comparison with other cigarettes available. Second, it may better fit those who are used to smoking tobacco or larger forms of cigars.

Provape is definitely made from the highest quality materials. You can be assured of this simply because they offer a lifetime warranty for their product. This means that you can replace the product when it becomes broken.

How to Order Provape

This e-cigar may be all that you will ever need when it comes to satisfying your nicotine cravings. You can get this product simply by making a purchase online with your credit card. The company offers payment for different cards like Visa or Mastercard.

Provape stores are also strategically located in different areas so as to better serve your needs. In the event of problems with the product, all you have to do is send an email to their customer service and they will be prompt in giving you a response.

What are you waiting for? Order the product now! It might just be the last stick of cigar you’ll ever need!

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